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Welcome to our music collection. Updated weekly, our mission is to bring you new, refreshing music covering all genres. No more weeding through other music sites -- we only bring you selections that will stimulate your ears. We also encourage musicians to submit songs for review. Not only will we post our review, but we'll make your song available for downloading by the Angsthead community. You need music jukebox software to download and listen to the songs. To obtain free software from REAL, click the button below. To check out past installments of the Angsthead Music Page, click here to visit our Music Archive.

So turn the volume up on your speakers and check out our selections!

Week of 5/14/00

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BAND: Ikarus
SONG: Touched the Sun
GENRE: Trip Hop
FROM: Vienna, Austria

Sound reporters Wolf and Hari of Ikarus have combined stunning ethnic chants with a startling backbeat track to create one of the finest soundscapes I have ever heard.

BAND: Simon Stinger
SONG: Dead On
GENRE: Hot Rod Rock
FROM: San Francisco, CA

This song was born too late! It deserves an era filled with muscle cars, tube tops and long hot summers. Jump in your Camaro and take a listen.

BAND: Raver FX
SONG: Darth Techno (Star Wars Dub)
GENRE: Speed Techno
FROM: Fort Lee, NJ

Damn, this song has an unstoppable beat! Musical influences such as DJ Icey and Prodigy have shaped Raver FX into a mighty techno force.

BAND: Tangled
SONG: Familiar Scene
GENRE: Power Pop
FROM: Spring Hill, Australia

Reminiscent of bands like Magnapop and Ivy, Tangled gives you great female vocals and lots of guitar. Beautiful harmonies also exist in this track.

BAND: Junk Magnet
SONG: Lemon
GENRE: Astro Pop
FROM: Manchester, England

Anyone familiar with the Manchester scene will dig this cut by Junk Magnet. Sublime vocals plus there is a guy named Rory in the band.


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