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Like to explore the Web as much as we do at Angsthead? We have assembled a collection od assorted links ranging from Muppet conspiracies to mountain climbing to mullets for your entertainment and enjoyment. We are always looking for new links, click here to submit a link for us to add to this page.

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Sites That will Make You Laugh

The Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum -- Picture barf bags from every major airline. Submitted by: Belyle Dibble.

Iowa Corn Cam -- Watch corn grow in real time! Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

Twinkies -- A laboratory site displaying the results of experiments on twinkies and their resistance to heat. Submitted by: Meg McCalmon.

Bunnies -- Laboratory experiments performed on Easter marshmallow bunnies. Tests include flame tolerance, laser melt, and "hot tub. Submitted by: Meg McCalmon.

Metzor -- Here, this should explain everything. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

Haiku Web Site -- good clean fun. i am gay, i might add. Submitted by: Rod.

Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock -- Up to the minute accounting of Bill Gate's wealth. Submitted by: Belyle Dibble.

Toothbrush Lawsuits -- Blows the lid off the toothbrush abrasion scandal and gives info on how to join the class action lawsuit. Submitted by: Belyle Dibble.

Tokyo Toilets -- Find out where the best (and worst!!) public toilets are located in Tokyo. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

Mullets Galore -- The best identification guide for this endangered and misunderstood species. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

Bert Is Evil -- You've always suspected it, now this site brings you the proof that Sesame Street's Bert is pure evil. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

the Pimp Builder -- The whole site is great, but the Pimp Builder is still my favorite... Submitted by: Mark Sieve.

Soulbath -- One of the strangest sites I have ever visited. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom. -- This is a construction simulation site that will help break up the monotony of your boring work day. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

The Walter Miller Home Page -- A true American tragedy. The heartrending tale of exile, abuse, pus... and really, really poor spelling. Submitted by: Rex Broome.

Online Shopping

Delerium -- The all encompassing psychedelic music mail order store. Submitted by: David Nichols.

Informational Sites

Munsonville Power and Light -- a lovely site from the fine people at Munsonville Power and Light. stuff and such be here in abundance. Submitted by: Chris Ringler.

Mountain Zone -- Daily updates on worldwide mountaineering expeditions. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

Library Spot Quotations -- This is not a fun site. This is a site, however, that will save your ass if you need to come up with some quotations for a term paper, business proposal, etc. Submitted by: Mark Sieve.

Sites for Creative Types

Xencall -- For your no frills, free fiction fix! Short stories, novellas and more, mainly in the genre of science fiction and fantasy. Submissions welcome! Submitted by: Andrea Vaughn.

Games & Office-Time Wasters -- Kewl site with flash animation, chat that plays electronica music as you chat.. Be sure to play the PICO game. Submitted by: Chuck Flowers.

Sites for You Rotten Do-Gooders

The Hunger Site -- An opportunity to help world hunger without reaching for your wallet. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

Save the Rain Forests -- Much like the Hunger Site, only your click will save a portion of rainforests! Submitted by: Leslie Wong.

Personal Sites

April & Shana's Page -- April and Shana have a GREAT page! If your a Sailor Moon fan, you might wanna check it out. They're fics are awesome! Submitted by: the Little Genius Who Forgot to Give Us Her Name.

Music Sites

Astralwerks -- The home of the best Big Beat and Electronic music such as Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. Great listening station and live DJ mix. Submitted by: Charlie Eckstrom.

College Life

Sigma Alpha Epsilon -- Sigma Alpha Epsilon (CAL MU) Web site. Submitted by: Chuck Flowers.

Food Sites

Final Meals -- Lists the final meal requests of 211 convicts awaiting Texas' electric chair. Submitted by: Belyle Dibble.

Pete's Pancakes -- Pete is an old high school friend who now grooms slopes at Big Sky in Montana at 3 AM every night during ski season. The honey-vanilla cakes are best goddam flapjacks on the planet !!! Check it out! Submitted by: Joel Avila.