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To view the Contributor bios, click here. Web Tyrant Mark Sieve
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I am the evil overlord here at Since I did all the design work and coding for this site (through my company Hierographix), the rest of the staff must now labor, sweatily, beneath my malign gaze, while I recline in torpid splendor and watch them toil.

My hobbies include competitive paste-eating, hyperventilation and annoying my wife. My motto is "LIVE BIG".

Charlie Noir: Spelunker Extraordinaire Charlie "Wisconsin Cheddar" Eckstrom
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Charlie was born in a single-room cabin above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. While spending his childhood exploring the tundra with his trusty dog team, he learned many survival skills, which earned him his oft-used nickname, Yukon Charlie. After declining a scholarship to study the art of self-trepanation in Burma, he went on to major in Anarchy Studies at U.C. Santa Barbara. Discouraged by the state of anarchy in the U.S., Charlie embarked on a five-year worldwide adventure where he: learned how to sew soccer balls in Malaysia; became proficient at distilling palm wine in the interior of Kenya; and tended the gardens for the Archduke of Schuster in Austria. Longing for the sights and sounds of America, Charlie relocated to Los Angeles and became involved in the underground music scene (WAY underground). He now serves as the music editor for and lives with his pet monkey and personal valet, Mr. Poopy.

Jigger Hermesmeyer: One generation removed from the Ozarks. Jenny "Jigger" Hermesmeyer
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I like a challenge.a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

Stev the Evil Genius Evilsteven
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I am evilsteven, web programmer and audio engineer. Living in Weehawken, New Jersey, I am spitting distance across the Hudson from New Yawk Ciddy. Most of my time is spent listening to bands like Guided By Voices, Elliott Smith, The Folk Implosion and PJ Harvey, while producing games developed with Shockwave and Flash. For me, music is best when it's dark and brooding, although sometimes I put on happy pop for contrast. My favorite movies capture the essence of black humor: Man Bites Dog, Reservoir Dogs, The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover, Crumb and Repo Man to name a few. People often ask me, "Are you really evil?" to which I reply, "Did you say something?" then wander away, looking for somebody more interesting to talk to.

Favorite Quotes: "If you're not paranoid, you must be crazy" - Hunter S. Thompson. "Pressed, printed, stomped, tripped, trapped, tricked, packaged, shipped... I am produced." - Robert Pollard. "There ain't no one gonna turn me 'round." - Alex Chilton.

Hole Avila Joel Avila
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My name is Joel Avila, & I live in Santa Cruz, CA. For the past 10 years, I have been working in the S.F. Bay Area as a commercial photographer. Although when I first started, I realized that I had the potential to be a great fashion photographer - I decided this was beneath me, as I had much higher aspirations. I now shoot big ugly buildings, & moonlight doing product photography of small computer widgets - sometimes under great magnification - for the local computer industry. I'm sure I made the right decision...although recently I have been thinking about trying my hand at being a gourmet food photographer (I hear the money is excellent shooting casseroles).

Lately it appears I have been blessed with the fine honor of being "picture editor". Hooray. So if you have any artwork you're proud of, send it on through. We promise to make you famous...or at least give everyone with a net connection the ability to recognize your genius by turning your precious artwork into low-rez "wallpaper".

Rx: the Young Jedi Rex Broome
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Rex Broome is the Mayor of Garvanza, California. He lives there with his wife, award-winning documentarian Megan Mellbye.


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