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Back in 2000, several of us got together and created It was a pretty popular site and we had a helluva good time working on it, but by May that year we had all become too damn busy to put in the time required to keep the site up and running. We've decided, however, to put back online for posterity in all of its original splendor. So set your monitor to 640 x 480 and fire up your 28.8k dial-up modem. You're about to take a trip through the Intarweb Way Back Machine. We hope you enjoy the site!


Hey! We've gotten a lot of complaints from our loyal visitors because we haven't been good about updating our site every week like we used to. That's because we're planning to re-vamp the site from top to bottom, taking out some features (like the Lists Page, which nobody goes to) and expanding others (like the Drinks Page). Once we get everything sorted out we'll get back to our weekly format. Until then, please be patient. And buy one of our shirts. Thanks!

Question of the Week:

If a doctor told you that you had only a couple of hours to live, which of the following things would you choose to do with your remaining time?

Watch back to back "Petticoat Junction" re-runs
Go to the Hometown Buffet and gorge yourself into a stupor
Prance around the town square wearing only a rainbow afro wig and rubber dishwashing gloves
Have sex with every consenting mammal you encounter
Hit the bottle

We'll post the results to this week's question next week.
Last Week's Question:

Which of the following smells sweetest to you? Your answers:

43% Lilacs
21% Tropical sun tan lotion
18% Freshly photocopied paper
12% The fear-sweat of your enemy
6% Latrine

Usually the results of our Question of the Week throws the twisted minds that visit our web site into sharp relief from the mainstream, but these results were rather disappointing. The fact that not many people admitted to relishing the fear-sweat of their enemies leads me to conclude that you're all too damned nice! Or you don't have any enemies. In which case, your still too damned nice!

Week of 5/14/00
The Angsthead T-shirts are here at last! We just got our T-shirts back from the printers and they're awesome! They're heavy weight Hanes Comfort T's with a 3-color design on the front and back, costing a mere $13.00 each. Click here to get a closer look and place an order...
Like a train pulling out of the station, new serial story begins... a lot of new poetry... and discord rears its ugly head on the Haikus page! Plus: the Laika album that Rex reviewed two months ago has finally been released domestically... have a look at his recommendation.

Short Stories & Poetry
Serial Stories
Rex's Reviews

Your ears will burn will pleasure when you check out this weeks features artists including Aztek Trip, Paul Cooper, The Crosswalk, Useless I.D. and The Gliders. Download the best free music on the Internet by clicking here.
Whip up this week's casserole, Savory Onion Casserole, for your next BBQ. You may find that you will never have to spark up the Smokey Joe again because your guests will only want casserole for their meal. Whoever thought a mouthful of onions, Swiss cheese and rice could taste so delicious?
Check out our cool desktop images for your computer. Pictured here is Joel Avila's "Agave", our top download for the past few weeks running...
We're currently working on adding some very cool Macromedia Flash games and puzzles on to the site. If you have an idea for a game that you'd like to see on, e-mail Evilsteven and tell him all about it...

The Angsthead Trivia Quest is now online, click here to play! We're in the process of making a set of new questions and, due to popular demand, we will give you answers if you get a question wrong. The new questions should be up in just a couple of days... You'll need Macromedia Flash to play, so if you don't have it, click here.

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We have TONS of advertising space here on our site that we'd like to put to use. Please send us an e-mail if you're interested in placing an ad with us...

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